Understand Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries are common in all different ages. These injuries can occur from sporting and other accidents as well as from repetitive actions (e.g. factory workers and certain everyday activities where repeated movements lead to wear of the structures around the shoulder) and thirdly in older people where minimal force can damage degenerated structures.

Shoulder injuries can occur from direct falls onto the shoulder or indirect forces where the arm is outstretched and causes an injury to the shoulder- the force is applied to the lever of the arm which injures the pivot (the shoulder joint).

The diagnosis of the cause of shoulder pain can be made easier by taking into account certain principles. The age and gender of the person experiencing the pain, certain types of shoulder pain and disorders occur with frequency in certain ages and genders – commonly these conditions should be considered in such a person.

In an effort to help you understand your shoulder pain, we have created an infographic. You can select the area of pain and rollover the possible causes of pain, you can find out more information by selecting to learn more about the cause of the pain. From there you can contact us, request an appointment or submit a question in our Q&A section. Be sure to scroll past the slider for more information on shoulder pain via injuries, age, gender and localisation. and if you are a sportsmen, you can also view Injuries Related to Rugby and Injuries Related to Cricket for more information.


Please note, our infographic is for educational purposes only and in no way should be seen as a final diagnosis, only an appointment with an Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon can diagnose a shoulder injury.


Additional Information on Shoulder Pain

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