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Ask Dr Joe de Beer

Ask Dr Joe de Beer a question regarding your shoulder problem or surgery you had in the past.

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My arm started paining (between the elbow and shoulder) and the pain has spread up tp my shoulder and the back of my shoulder.. it hurts when i lift my arm or use it. it has gotten worse over the last couple of weeks. i have gone to the doctor but only received pain medication.. the whole shoulder, arm and neck feels stiff.

The cause of this could be one of a few things – frozen shoulder, rotator cuff impingement, calcific tendonitis or even a rotator cuff tear. You should see a shoulder specialist to make the diagnosis and suggest the appropriate treatment. You are welcome to contact us on 021 9111 017 for an appointment.

Dr Joe de Beer

Dr Joe de Beer
Orthopaedic Shoulder Surgeon

Dr Joe de Beers’ practice is confined to the care of shoulder problems of all types, and he does both open and arthroscopic surgery. He is a keen shoulder arthroscopist, and has developed an expertise in ultrasound of the shoulder, both diagnostically and for intervention.