I have pain in my left, directly on top, I did x-rays, it says I have the following: Minimal Osteophyte Formation in relation to the AC Joint there is type 2 Acromial Morphology. The Doctor (specialist) has given me two injections so far, I also had physio therapy, the pain has been reduced but it comes now and then also when I move my left shoulder to the left, there is pain on the side of the bicep. I do weight and I am 40 years, I have taken a break about 1 week and still I want to do weights, I dont want to have surgery. What is your view on as per above, your response will be greatly appreciated.


From the detail you are giving me I cannot make a definite diagnosis but the possibilities are an AC joint problem, biceps tendinitis or even a rotator cuff tendinitis. It does not sound as if your pain is severe enough to warrant surgery but if it is at a level where you cannot continue with your weight training and all the conservative management was unsuccessful the next logical step would be an arthroscopy to determine the exact cause and perform treatment at the same time.

AC joint problem

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