I have had shoulder pain now for five months following an injury in the gym doing stomach crunches holding weights behind my head. The pain and range of movement have become progressively worse. Following an MRI with Arthogram last Monday I have been in exrutiating pain. The results have shown calcific tendonitis and a torn capsule in my left shoulder. My consultant has given me a shot of cortisone to help with the pain but this has not worked and I have cried myself to sleep with the pain for over a week. Will both conditions heal themselves or will I need surgery? I cannot dress myself, drive, eat with a knife and fork and my daughter has to brush my hair, I have also now gone off sick from work now because of the pain. Please help. What is your recommended treatment path for these conditions?


The cause of the pain would be the calcium deposit ( look at our website under “Calcific Tendiniitis) and you will see all the treatment options there- one of which is the “needling” where we such out the calcium unde ultrasound control

Calcific tendinitis

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