My question pertains to labral tears. I dislocated my shoulder falling of my bicycle last year November. I experiences a further dislocation/ subluxation earlier this year and then a full dislocation again about 4 weeks ago. My orthopedic surgeon then booked me for the arthroscopic surgery to repair the labrum. But what he found is that my labrum had not only torn away from the glenoid but the labrum itself had also torn causing a flap. He was then only able to partially repair the labrum with the small piece that was left. But from the photos he explained that I now have a gap in my the labrum circle. How common is this and what are the chances of re-dislocation because of this? I am a triathlete and wish to get back to training but without the worry of dislocation.


Dear Neil, unfortunately, with that information I must inform you that there is a chance of your shoulder not being stable. Moreover, after repeated dislocations there is often some damage to the bone edge of the glenoid and for such instances we often do a Latarjet procedure which is highly successful.

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