Hello Dr. de Beer I am a 27 year student from England. I have had shoulder problems constantly for the past five years and in total have undergone five operations (three on my left and two on my right). My injuries occurred as a result of training accidents whilst doing judo. I was diagnosed as having a posterior-inferior Bankart lesion from 7 o'clock to 8.30 in my LEFT shoulder and type 3 SLAP tear in my RIGHT shoulder. Unfortunately all of my surgeries failed and I am still left with ill functioning shoulders. My most recent surgery was a left Bankart repair carried out by a very well respected orthopaedic surgeon. During a consultation post operation, he informed me that whilst on inspection inside my shoulder he observed a bone deficiency in my humeral head and he suspects that this may well have been from birth. To that end he had advised me that a Latarjet procedure may put an end to my problems with my left shoulder. My right shoulder is currently not being treated but has undergone two failed SLAP repairs. Would you suspect that I might be deficient bone in both of my humeral heads and this is why the repairs do not seem to be working? Also, what would be your next step in dealing with this problem? Many thanks and kind regards


I would be weary of doing a Latarjet if you have pain only – the operation should be done for mechanical instability and not for pain. It all depends on your exact  symptoms at present

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