Hello Dr de Beer I have an 18 month history of on and off shoulder pain, when raising my arm. And instances of pinching and weekness also when my arm is raised. 37 year old female. 2 weeks ago while washing my hair :) it happened again, but this time the pain was severe and accompanied by an audible and excrutiating popping with every movement, even shallow breathing. This lasted a few hours. Since then the popping has mostly subsided but I have constant pain, aching burning and stabbing. Worse through the night and after arm use, but also when still and breathing. The pain is internal behind my shoulder blade and also below my collar bone, some pain on the upper inside of my arm. Xray and sonar seem fine, except for 3.8 mm subacromial bursa measurement and type 2 acromial proces noted. Is it possible that bursitis can cause all this pain?


Calcific tendinitis, rotator cuff tear and other shoulder problems can present like that – you would have to be examined to determine the cause

dr Joe de Beer

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