I have a military injury from 1982. I recieved an open bankhart procedure without bone gafting in 2003. I continued to dislocate ( L SHLD ) within weeks of operation. I have now, as before surgery, a very large humeral head deformity. I am now told I will need a latarjet procedure. What are all of the mobility limitations I may face for the rest of my life? What are the permanent worst case scenarios of what I will have to deal with for the rest of my life? Thank you for your time.


I do Latarjet procedures often for cases like  yours and i have perfomed it on many professional rugby players who then return to the same level of contact sports after the surgery. We also have a rapid rehabilitation programme where we are able to get the players back to their activities very rapidly. We do for example, not put them in a sling after the operation and they  are able to move straight away.

Laterjet procedure

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