I am a regular gym goer. For the past two years I frequented another orthopeadic surgeon in the Western Cape with regards to pain I had in both my shoulders. On my last visit I was diagnosed with an os acromiale impingment. On all occassions I received a shot of cortisone into the bursa, which seemed to relieve symptoms for a few months. The surgeon mentioned that a fusion operation might be required. After researching this operation, where a bone graft is required, I came to the realization that it is no small surgery, requiring long recovery times. I also learned that these procedures aren't successful in many cases. My question, are there no other non-invasive treatments available to manage this condition? I would appreciate your expert opinion/ feedback.


If your pain is definitely caused by an os acromiale, and it is important to make sure that it is caused by the condition, then the surgical procedure to cure it has been most satisfactory in our series. The recovery is only about six weeks or so. There are no other procedures which can cure a painfulf os acromiale.


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