Dear doctor i was involved in an accident which i was hit from behind by a drunk driver. Its been three months and my shoulders are still not healed I've been doing physio. I was hit wile i was stopped and the guy didn't even brake I broke my steering column with my arms. i cannot put my arms up to the sides or back of me my left arm is longer than my right now. You can tell by looking at my fingers. My collar bones stick out above my shoulders when i used to have completely straight shoulders. What should i expect now. I just had an Xray today with weights in my hands after i had shooting pains thru my shoulders. I am worried i may need surgery now what may have happened. One doctor looked at me and said my ligaments looked stretched because of the way my shoulders hang. Like i said I've done physio 3 months already and I'm scared. I'm a hairdresser and single mom and i don't know what will happen to my career.


It sounds as if you might have subluxed ( partially dislocated ) your AC ( acromioclavicular joint/s) If that is the case and you are suffering from it to a significant degree, it can be corrected with surgery. The diagnosis will obviously be easier is one could examine you and only then would I be able to reall give advice on the best treatment onwards

AC Joint Dislocations

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