I'm a 29yr old woman with constant pain in my right shoulder blade. I've seen various practitioners which include physios, biokineticists, body stress release, osteopath, yoga, pilates and X-rays. My most recent X-rays were done at constantiaberg hospital under the name Sarah Jane Mills about a year ago. The results have included: weak core muscles, hyper flexibility, bad posture, slight muscular scholiosis which adds pressure to the painful area. My history includes a cracked tailbone aged 12 which went untreated and resulted in lower spinal degradation. All treatments help either my shoulder or my lower back pain. My mother is about to go for surgery for a frozen shoulder which she has suffered from as far back as I can remember. My question is to assess the specific state of my shoulder and spinal situation to determine a long term treatment solution to avoid surgery until no other option is available. I am a seamstress, right handed, so I need full functionality. Please advise.


The most likely cause would be a neurological problem like Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.


Dr Joe de Beer

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

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