I am a 29 year old occupational therapist. My job requires some frequent overhead acts and assisting patients in transfers and during walking. I have been working in this field approx. 8 months. Daily, I carry a heavy backback with charts, lap top, weights. I am right hand dominant. I have never had very good posture and both of my shoulders are rounded forward slightly. About 2 months ago I began having sharp pain at my right shoulder, was tender to the touch, and had difficulty sleeping on my right side. I was diagnosed with impingement 4 weeks ago and given a cortisone injection which eliminated the sharp pain. Since then, I have been having a dull aching pain in my entire right shoulder and scapula that comes and goes when I am resting and when I am doing things. I have a hard time sleeping on my right because it is uncomfortable. I feel my neck on my right side feel tight sometimes. My biggest problem is that now my entire right arm feels heavy, weak, and tired. Lately I have noticed my right shoulder is significantly lower than my left. My PT verified this, and noted that my right scapula is 1 inch more lateral from my spine than my left, and is significantly depressed as well. My current ortho doctor has refused to order me an MRI or EMG, even after I presented to him last week with the new compaints of weakness/fatigue in my entire arm. What would you suggest this is? What should I do next? I currently participate in PT and home exercises for strengthening, stabilization.


i agree with your feeling that this may be a neurological problem and the tests you menion are appropriate. A diagnosis to specifically consider is Thoracic Outltet Syndrome- look at our website for an explanation of this condition.

Thoracic outlet syndrome

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