Hi Dr. de Beer. I am a 36 year old female. Almost a year ago I was seeing a physio for neck spasm and she began working over my left collar bone area. It was very tender - always has been due to an old injury - but she focused on it and the level of pain as she worked was unreal. The old injury (14+ years ago) was an accident where I landed on the point of the left shoulder with my full weight - no dislocation, just 'over stretched' ligaments. I have had problems with the shoulder/ collar bone ever since that physio. Xrays were done, they said the joint looked almost normal so I was told it was most likely soft tissue damage, given painkillers and a sling to wear for a few days. Didn't really help. Sleeping on the shoulder is painful. The collarbone/ front of my chest & shoulder are sore to varying degrees daily. I don't have a reduced range of movement but I do have discomfort performing movements like rolling my shoulders, crossing my arm over my chest etc. Would soft tissue damage not have healed by now? I would not rate the pain as severe, but it is a daily thing, annoying and frustating and it impacts my quality of sleep. Should I continue to give it more time or is this something that needs to be looked at?


The cause could be a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and you should have it checked to confirm the diagnosis and so that the  most appropriate treatment can be done

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