I'm 16 and had surgery to stablize my shoulder almost a year ago today (december 2010). It disloacted quite a few times before surgery but nothing was torn. I did physical therapy before to try a different method but it didnt work. After surgery I started physical therapy on Janurary 5th 2011 and have been going twice a week since then. Also, my middle and ring finger were numb and weak along with the top of my shoulder. The feeling did however come back eventually. I still have an incredible amount of pain and a really limited range of motion. My fingers randomly go numb and pins and needles, typically my pinky and pointer. My shoulder blade also gets the pins and needles. I constantly get knots in my bicep all the way up my arm to the top of my shoulder. Whenever i lift my arm up it feels blocked, same with up to the side and rotating out. I get really bad pain whenever i put my shoulder blade back and down in the front and top. My neck is also constantly tight and in pain. Its VERY tender to the touch in the front of my shoulder (by the incision) and along the under part of my clavicle and down the pec. Im skipping a lot of other things that cause pain because this is getting a little long. Now, my muscle is atrophying in the back. My bone is popping out and bruising the skin. When my arm is at my side its like a crater. My shoulder incredibly weak and it just gets more and more painful by the day. My pinky goes numb almost daily. Although my ROM is increasing by a few degrees, my clavicle is extremely painful when i drop my arm down to rest. I had an MRI of my neck and a nerve conduction test done, which was negative. My physical therapist and I are now stumped. Nothing is adding up and its really starting to cause set backs. Please please help,


It sounds as if you are suffering from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – it is often associated with hyperlaxity of the shoulder and no shoulder stabilisation should be done for such cases and in any case the shoulder stabilisation procedure will not relieve the pain. Do have a look at our website for more information on that condition

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

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