Hi Dr de Beer, I have had an issue with my left shoulder that has now persisted for about 4 weeks. The pain is pointed on the front of my shoulder (inside) and along the back of my arm. I am quite fit, I noticed a huge change when I could not do a pull-up nor chin-up anymore as the left shoulder would buckle. Also pick up a free weight of the floor with my left arm hurts pretty significantly. The left shoulder is very "snap crack & pop" and painful when sleeping / worse in the morning. The shoulder feels a bit stronger than before but strength has not returned to hold my weight nor do a single pull-up. Range of motion as I go higher to the bar increase the pain to a pain where I can't pull higher. I have been involved with alot of physical activities that likely have slowly hurt the shoulder (Rugby, Jiu Jitsu etc.) and I wondering if I am at a point where I may have a tear that will continue to deteriorate if I ignore it. I can, with pretty sigficant strength, pull weight in a seated row position - push / pull in a vertical motion is very painful - is this something that I should probably come in for a consult? Thank you so much for you time and this form submission! Very much appreciated!


There are many causes for pain as you describe- a rotator cuff problem ( even a tear) could do that. You need to be examined, X-rays taken as well as an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis and work out the appropriate treatment

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