Hi I am 66 yrs old male - residing in Sea Point I am a keen and regular gym fanatic! For over a year I have had some shoulder problem - some days better Lifting and turning in my car is painful and sometimes OK At night top of shoulder aches and later pain is intermittent I had an Xray and it said Rotator Cuff Synd and mild arthritis My biok said I must only use light weights and monitor discomfort He didn't think I need surgery I am using Voltaren 2 X day What is your advice?


One cannot make  a clinical diagnosis from an X-ray only. “Rotator cuff syndrome” is a most vague diagnosis.

You need to be examined, X-rays viewed by a specialist and probably an ultrasound of the rotator cuff tendons. After that a definitive diagnosis can be made, and appropriate treatment (even if conservative) can be suggested

You may contact my office if you choose to do so at 021 9111017 and we can see you at Cape Town Medi Clinic


Joe de Beer

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