Hi, can you help me figure this out? AT first I was presumed to have frozen shoulder, but now possible TOS, or is it a mechanical fault / injury. Which way to turn? Pain in Right AC joint, at the distal end of the clavicle. It is likely to be caused by a repetitive strain injury as my work is fairly physical. I often have to lower heavy loads by extending my arm and sometimes have push downwards, as I using a spring loaded contraption for work. This apparatus has occasionally failed me leaving me with discomfort. My symptoms now are: posterior and lateral arm extentions above 80 degrees or so cause pain in the anterior area of AC joint, and a brusied sensation over the AC joint. Cannot lie on shoulder but otherwise am able to cope without any pain meds etc. provided I moderate my movements. At first it was very painful and all movements were difficult - like a frozen shoulder. This eased after about eight weeks and now pain is very "localised" in the joint itself. However, lately have been experiencing numbness extending from elbow to include lateral forearm, little and ring fingers. Numbness does not result in loss of function, just feels a bit cold and like a local anaesthetic when bad. I avoid carrying heavy loads as low carrying (groceries etc) at times causes a "stretching" sensation at the elbow into the forearm. There is lately some weakness in the hand, but not severe, just with movements like turning a key in a lock or opening a jar. No xrays as yet because want to be sure where to start due to limited funds and a preference for no surgery. Really appreciate this opportunity and would be grateful for any advice to help with steering me in the right direction regards diagnosis and conservative treatment.


This sounds like TOS. We would be quite happy to see you and confirm the diagnosis. We lso have a physio who specialises in the condition and gets results. Alternatively we can also treat TOS by injecting botox into the scalene muscles. This can all be discussed during the consultation.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

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