Dear Dr Joe de Beer and Sam

On the 05th November 2020 I had made an appointment with Dr. Karin Kumbier my chiropractor to help identify the discomfort and tension I was feeling in my shoulder, neck and back. It was then identified that my shoulder was the problem and immediately referred me to Dr. Joe de Beer at the Shoulder Institute.

From the offset I had the honors of speaking to Sam Miller the “Practice Manager”. She had made the appointment for the 11th November 2020 in which follow up messages and calls were made to ensure that I was there and on time for the appointment, very professional to say the least.

The consultation with Dr. Joe de Beer was great as his entire demeanor is calm, friendly and eager to help one get over the hurdle they are currently experiencing like myself.

Sam then sent through all the pre-operation documentation, arranged the dates and guided me throughout the process which was absolutely unbelievable, she takes the think out of everything.

I was then booked into Cape Town Mediclinic and went under the gifted hands of Dr Joe de Beer without any fear before the anaesthetics kicked in. I was then greeted by Dr. Joe de Beer with a smile shortly after the surgery and ensured my recovery was as painless as possible. Shortly after the surgery I received an email from Sam asking how I am feeling and that she wishes the best for my recovery, which I thought was incredibly thoughtful.

I do believe sharing my entire experience is pertinent as the next patient who would receive this level of care and service excellence will be greatly satisfied.

Samantha, keep up the amazing work you do for the practice, you truly are a gem and I know that Dr. Joe de Beer is lucky to have someone like you sailing the ship in the right direction.

To Dr. Joe de Beer – I am incredibly grateful for being under your gifted hands ensuring that even though it’s not the biggest shoulder operation or injury, is that you treated it like no other. For an avid sportsman, this does mean allot.

I wish you only the greatest success and will recommend you and your practice to anyone that has same / similar issues.

Kind Regards,

Devon Kemp | Director