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Stellenbosch Cape Shoulder Institute Patient Testimonials

Our patients are like family to us, here are some testimonials.

Catharina Ehlers | Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Ek was in 2019, en nou in 2022 ‘n pasient by die Ortopediese Medikliniek in Stellenbosch vir skouervervangings, wat Dr Joe de Beer gedoen het.

Wat my opgeval het was die vriendelikheid en hulpvaardigheid, vanaf ontvangs tot in die teater.  Almal het my op die hande gedra en baie tuis laat voel.

Die twee operasies was vir my ‘n totale verrassing, want ek het nooit enige pyn of ongemak ondervind nie.  Ek kan regtig net getuig van wonderlike diens daar in die pragtige, netjiese hospitaal.

Baie dankie Dr. de Beer en jou personeel

CJ Greeff | Latarjet Procedure

Thank you Sam

I am so impressed by Dr de Beer’s rooms professionalism.

This was CJ’s 7th or 8th operation due to rugby related injuries.  I have never before received such prompt and detailed feedback.  It really means a lot to me, especially with me living 800kms away.  I have been present for all his other operations, so I felt that I would be in the dark with this one.  However, you guys have been wonderful, and I really appreciate it.

 Kind regards

Tracy Greeff

Johan van Zyl | Rotator Cuff Repair

Gedagte Dr De Beer  

Graag wil ek van die geleentheid gebruik maak om u te bedank vir die suksevolle operasie wat u op Johan uitgevoer het. Ons is so geseend om u as Dr te kon he vir sy skouer operasie.   

Johan sterk mooi aan en het begin met sy oefening soos deur u voor geskryf (alhoewel hy tans nog pyn verduur).  Johan het op n vorige geleentheid ook by u sy ander skouer laat doen en is ook hoogs tevrede met die vorige operasie.   Ons kan uit die diepte van ons hart net met lof praat van u werk asook die opvolg besoeke.  Ons albei is nou nie so wel sprekend agv van die feit dat ons albei doof is, daarom het ons besluit om u skriftelik te bedank vir u onbaatsugtelike werk.  Ons wense vir u is dat u nog baie jare gespaar sal word om die uitstekende werk wat u mee geseend is te kan voortsit.     

Liefde groete

(n baie tevrede pasient) Johan en Naomi van Zyl.

Marianna Rossouw | Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Liewe Sam, Dr Joe, en Dr Gert 

Waar begin ek om dankie te sê vir dokter, sy span en Dr Coetzee.  Jy was ‘n ster van Oktober 2020 tot 26 Januarie 2022.  Julle het ‘n lang pad met my gestap om my operasie uiteindelik gedoen te kry.  26 Januarie 2022 het uitgestaan. 

Ek is julle ewig dankbaar vir al die hulp en die wonderlike manier en geduld waarop julle alles hanteer het. My dankbaarheid ken geen einde nie. Dankie dankie dankie.

Dan aan my Hemelse Vader die grootste dank en eer. Ek staan verstom. Uiteindelik daar uitgekom en sonder Sy hulp sou dit nie moontlik wees nie.

Baie groete en liefde.

Marianna en Willem Rossouw

Derek Parker | Rotator Cuff Repair

It’s been three months since Joe de Beer and his team attended to my right shoulder and I now have full, pain-free use of it.  I’d been told that shoulders are more complicated than knees and, on the strength of that, I decided to make a couple of trips to Cape Town in order to benefit from the experience of someone who had specialised in the field.

I’m so glad I did.

For a start, all the preparation work went smoothly. I never knew it, but the admin involved with organising an op these days is daunting. Thanks to Sam however, I was able to put everything in place in a simple and orderly way. Like clockwork.

The op experience was impressive. A good clean clinic, competent staff…. all on time. When he saw me after the op Dr. de Beer told me that my shoulder had been in worse condition than he’d initially thought. Two muscles had become detached from the rotator cuff and he’d had to re-attach these…amongst other things

Six weeks later, he determined that the op had been a success and he freed me from my sling. Rehabilitation was to be passive exercise, with my strong arm helping my operated arm to find it’s groove.

It has worked!

I’m delighted with the result. Also very grateful. A mere three months and my shoulder is like a new one.

My left shoulder has also been in trouble for some time and I look forward to returning to Doc de Beer and his team early In 2022.

Thank you all very much for what you’ve done for me. 

Kind regards,


Louw Nel | Open Mumford

Net soos wat jou vriendelike, professionele diens ons sedert dag 1 beindruk het,  kan ons tevrede en met groot dankbaarheid terugkyk na die journey saam met jou en Dr de Beer. Julle diens was next level. 

Nogmaals dankie 

Louw en Alicia Nel

Kobus Harris | Reverse Shoulder Replacement

By die Mediclinic Winelands se ontvangs toonbank is ek goed ontvang en puik aanwysings gekry hoe om by Dr de Beer se spreekkamer te kom.

By Dr de Beer se spreekkamer is ek vriendelik ontvang deur  Sam Miller, en was baie beindruk dat sy my op my van gegroet het.

Na ‘n paar minute in die wagkamer is ek deur Dr de Beer persoonlik gevra om na sy ondersoekkamer te gaan.

Ek is deeglik deur die vriendelike Dr ondersoek in samewerking met sy assistent.

Hulle is ‘n uiters profesionele span en die “Shoulder  Institute” sal ek altyd aanbeveel.


Groete Kobus Harris

André Labuschagne | Revision Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Dr de Beer did a Revision Reverse Shoulder Replacement on my right shoulder on 5 November 2020. From the on set and even after the operation, we’ve recieved the most professional, helpful and friendly assistance from the practice manager, Ms Sam Miller. It is such a relief to be rid of the severe pain I’ve suffered for 6 months prior to this operation. I will recommend Dr de Beer’s services to anyone with a shoulder concern,even the most complicated case scenario.   

André Labuschagne

Phillip van der Merwe | Latarjet

Dear Dr Joe de Beer and Management at your Practice,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for everything that you have done for me during my treatment, I never thought that I would play sports again after my accident. You gave me a glimpse of hope when you explained about the procedure and the post operation therapy.

I have no words to express how thankful I am to you.

I also would like to thank Sam who kept us informed and arrange everything – She is a star!

I would also like to express my sincerest gratitude towards the staff of the Eye Care Hospital, for taking excellent care of me.  I truly appreciate you for all the efforts you took in taking care of me.

Kind regards,


Lennis van Schalkwyk | Reverse Shoulder Replacement

I’m over the moon and will recommend Dr. Joe de Beer any time.

Dr. de Beer  has given me a new lease on life after a botched operation by a doctor in Mossel Bay, that  left me with a completely incapasitated right arm !! 

Kindest regards, 


Devon Kemp | Mumford

Dear Dr Joe de Beer and Sam 

On the 05th November 2020 I had made an appointment with Dr. Karin Kumbier my chiropractor to help identify the discomfort and tension I was feeling in my shoulder, neck and back. It was then identified that my shoulder was the problem and immediately referred me to Dr. Joe de Beer at the Shoulder Institute. 

From the offset I had the honours of speaking to Sam Miller the “Practice Manager”. She had made the appointment for the 11th November 2020 in which follow up messages and calls were made to ensure that I was there and on time for the appointment, very professional to say the least. 

The consultation with Dr. Joe de Beer was great as his entire demeanour is calm, friendly and eager to help one get over the hurdle they are currently experiencing like myself. 

Sam then sent through all the pre-operation documentation, arranged the dates and guided me throughout the process which was absolutely unbelievable, she takes the think out of everything. 

I was then booked into Cape Town Mediclinic and went under the gifted hands of Dr Joe de Beer without any fear before the anaesthetics kicked in. I was then greeted by Dr. Joe de Beer with a smile shortly after the surgery and ensured my recovery was as painless as possible. Shortly after the surgery I received an email from Sam asking how I am feeling and that she wishes the best for my recovery, which I thought was incredibly thoughtful. 

I do believe sharing my entire experience is pertinent as the next patient who would receive this level of care and service excellence will be greatly satisfied. 

Samantha, keep up the amazing work you do for the practise, you truly are a gem and I know that Dr. Joe de Beer is lucky to have someone like you sailing the ship in the right direction. 

To Dr. Joe de Beer – I am incredibly grateful for being under your gifted hands ensuring that even though it’s not the biggest shoulder operation or injury, is that you treated it like no other. For an avid sportsman, this does mean alot. 

I wish you only the greatest success and will recommend you and your practise to anyone that has same / similar issues. 

Kind Regards, 

Devon Kemp

Susie en Wilhelm Linde | Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr. De Beer en Span

‘n Week is verby en ons kyk net met groot dankbaarheid terug sedert my eerste besoek aan julle.

Ons is beïndruk en voel geëerd met jul vriendelike en professionele diens. Dit was vertroue met die eerste ontmoeting. Baie dankie Dr. vir die deeglike operasie, weliswaar groter as wat ons verwag het maar met die volle vertroue dat ek na volkome herstel, ‘n nuwe skouer/arm gaan hê.

Dankie is ‘n eenvoudige woordjie, maar as dit met waardering en respek uit die hart kom, beteken dit dit alles!

Nog iets wat ek baie waardeer is dat Dr jou pasiënte breedvoerig inlig wat fout is, wat gedoen kan word en na die tyd presies hoe en wat gedoen is. Dit is baie bevredigend.

Ons is ook baie dank verskuldig aan Sam wat ons te alle tye op hoogte gehou het van alles en alle inligting vriendelik, betyds en bedagsaam oorgedra het. Sy het selfs die volgende dag in haar eie tyd geskakel om te hoor of ons veilig tuis gekom het en hoe dit gaan. Dit is voorwaar uitsonderlik.

Baie dankie ook aan Sabelo wat stil-stil ‘n groot rol speel in jul sukses. Dra asseblief ons opregte waardering aan hom oor.

Vriendelike groete,

Susie en Wilhelm Linde.

Alan de Boer | Shoulder Replacement

Good Morning Sam and Dr. De Beer,

Thank you deeply for your pivotal part in assisting me recover my Right shoulder. An altogether incredible experience, I am grateful and honored to have been in amongst such incredibly talented and renowned group of professionals in your field. I am happily back in Kenya and the recovery process is in full swing.

Kind regards.

Alan de Boer

Ilse & David Ackermann | Needling of Calcium Deposit

Thanks a million Sam for your fastttt response.

You really an asset to dr. De Beer and his practice. A true star. Thank you so very much for your excellent customer service and being highly efficient.

With sincere gratitude.

David McLachlan | Rotator Cuff Repair

Dear Dr de Beer

You did a rotator cuff operation, first on my right shoulder and then my left about ten years ago.

I would like to thank you for these operations, which have been most successful.

My latest success was winning all three butterfly events in the 80+ category at the world masters swimming championships in Budapest last year.

This goes to show that the operation can be successfully done on someone over 65.

You also did an “experimental” operation on my brother in laws (Barry Stone) where you inserted a pad of ? into his shoulder about ten years ago.

This operation was also successful and his shoulder has given him no trouble since then. 

Yours sincerely,

David McLachlan

Mrs Marion Marcus | Bilateral Shoulders

Dr de Beer did my very 1st shoulder operation in January 1998. I have never looked back. On Saturday 10th August he performed my 29th operation.

I have had numerous types of operations to both shoulders over the years including 2 full reverse shoulder replacements and revision replacements as well.

I have to state categorically that all my operations were self-inflicted, not one of them have been as a result of ‘things gone wrong’. I have been clumsy, falling at numerous times and causing severe damages to my shoulders over the years.

Dr de Beer is an Orthopaedic Surgeon of the highest order. In fact, I call myself his ‘nightmare’ patient. He has an excellent bedside manner and very approachable. I have been asked why I haven’t gone for 2nd opinions over the years and truthfully I went many, many years ago and the other surgeon said to me that there is nothing different that he could do for me and that I should stay with Dr de Beer as he is the very best in his profession.

I have recommended many friends to Dr de Beer and they have all come away satisfied and happy.

I also have to comment that Dr de Beer has an excellent team behind him, which also makes a huge difference in running his enormous practice efficiently.

I am his No. 1 Supporter and Fan.

Mr and Mrs Hermias Brink | Shoulder Replacement

Hi Sam

Ek wil regtig vir julle komplimenteer….. Julle is die beste span “ever” waarmee ons nog ooit gewerk het.

Ek se vir Dr De Beer jy is ‘n wonderlike “asset” vir sy praktyk.

My man se dat die Here Dr De Beer en sy span op ons pad gestuur het.  Verlede jaar was regtig ‘n moeilike jaar met die skoueroperasies en die skouer wat heeltyd uitgeglip het.

Hy was so ongelooflik dankbaar want hy het geen pyn nie, hy was werklik so op ‘n “high” na die operasie en hy se ook dat hy glad nie bang was vir die operasie nie.

Sam, nogmaals dankie vir alles.  Werklik dit is so ongelooflik.

Ek het ‘n afspraak gemaak vandag vir die 16de Mei om 15h30.

Mooi daggie


Andrew Turner | Latarjet

Dear Dr De Beer & Team

I had an op on the 17 October 2017 to repair a dislocation to my right shoulder.

My goal, post the op, was to compete in the Port Elizabeth Jendamark Bellbouy 5km Ocean Race, on the 21st April 2018. I have just done that and placed 2nd, to the surprise of everyone including myself.

Rehab has been a long hard process, but based on this swim result, I believe I have finally made a full recovery.

I would like to thank Joe and his team for another successful operation, as well as the Institute for their great service during the procedure. The Cape Eye Hospital staff and the facility where also exceptional and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Thank you again.

Kind regards